Embassy Documents Needed For Student Visas In Canada, Australia & The US

Amy Smith / 5 min read
Applying for visas can be a very lengthy process, which often requires you to submit plenty of documents. This is no different for student visas and if not done correctly can hinder or delay your application as well as have it rejected in some instances.
Applying for visas can be a very lengthy process, which often requires you to submit plenty of documents. This is no different for student visas and if not done correctly can hinder or delay your application as well as have it rejected in some instances. Documents are often there to provide support and evidence to claims or applications and a lot of weight is put behind them when reviewing a case so it is important that you hand in the correct ones. We are looking at the documents needed for student visas for the US, Canada and Australia which are common places for study requests. 

To study in Canada you need a variety of documents throughout your application for a study permit including: 

  • Financial Support Proof – proving you can support either yourself or those coming with you while you are there. This could be anything from an approved loan from a bank, bank statements (proof of Canadian bank in your name), receipt of paid housing and tuition fees, or a scholarship letter. 
  • Acceptance Letter – This will need to be the original. 
  • Identity Proof – Both a valid travel document or passport allowing return travel and two passport-sized photos with your name and date of birth on the back of both. 
You may also be required to show custodian declarations (for those under 18) or a letter of explanation explaining your plans, goals and responsibilities as a student. 

Studying in Australia requires you to apply for the student visa (subclass 500) and part of this you need to submit the following documents to the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection.) They must be certifies or certified copies of the original: 

  • CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) – Proof you have been accepted to a full time course that is registered under the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses.) You must do this for every course. 
  • Welfare Arrangements (Minors) – For those under 18, welfare arrangements must be proven while you are out there. 
You must also pass the English proficiency, character and health requirements and the usual visa application fees as well as passing the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. 

Within the US, applying for a student visa involves two different categories: 

  • F-1 Visa – For university, college, conservatory, elementary school (private), high school, seminary or language training program. 
  • M-1 Visa – Vocational courses or “recognized” non-academic institutions
Both visas require you to provide proof you have been accepted into an SEVP approved school who will then give you an I-20 form to take to your visa application interview (note: you need individual I-20 forms for each child or spouse residing with you.) You will also need: 

  • Valid passport
  • Receipt of payment of application fees
  • Recent photo
  • DS-160 form confirmation
Hopefully this gives you more insight and information on what will be needed for student visa applications. It is important to note that some embassies may require additional documents according to their processes or areas so if you are in doubt, contact them directly and they can give you insight into what you may or may not need. 

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