About Us

Welcome to Migration Brokers, a diverse network of legal experts and professional applicants from around the globe. Individuals have access to a curated collection of verified lawyers that adhere to a strict standard set by the Migration Brokers.

Our mission is to create a simple, seamless immigration experience by connecting applicants with the right legal experts they need.

How It Works (For Legal Experts)


Migration Brokers gives you access to professionals from a range of fields around the world. Each of these applicants are given points based on the amount of information they have provided in their applications, activity levels on the site as well as popularity. You can search for applicants by occupation, location, education and language. You then have the ability to further refine your search by sorting the pool of applications by points, most viewed or new recent applicants. You can add applicants to a list of favorites as you go so that you can connect with them later or send them a message right away.


Our messaging platform allows you to keep and track all of your applicant messages in one place. You can send them messages about immigration opportunities, advice on how to migrate to countries of their choice or requests for documentation. Your messages show up on their profile feeds so as to boost your visibility with other applicants in their network.


When your applicant is ready to get started, they have the ability to retain you by the click of a button. To maintain our high standards, we ask applicants to rate their legal experts once they have completed their immigration. Ratings are based on three criteria : level of customer service, clarity in communication and ease in process.